Ryan Cashman

Photo of Ryan Cashman
New Hampshire, USA
Westfield State University
Fly Fishing, Hiking, Paddling
  • A native New Englander, Ryan has been an active member of several sporting clubs, including the Worcester County League of Sportsmen's Clubs, and the New England Fly Tyers.
  • An avid fly fisherman, paddler, and hiker, Ryan's greatest outdoor influences are Henry David Thoreau, the novella and film adaptation of "A River Runs Through It", his father-in-law, Keary, his wife Briana, his three children, and, of course, his own father, Dan.
  • Ryan lives on a 2.75-acre homestead that never ceases to present opportunities to get outside and adventure in the woods.


Growing up in New England, Ryan was never far away from the rivers, lakes, ponds, woods, and ocean coast that have made the region a paradise for outdoor lovers. A writer from an early age, Ryan has been published by local New England publications Edible Pioneer Valley and The Pulse, has appeared nationally in Fresh Cup Magazine and The Epoch Times. Fly fishing is perhaps Ryan's favorite outdoor activity. He was in charge of the fly fishing department at his local L.L. Bean, and previously served as a board member and president of the New England Fly Tyers. Apart from outdoor writing, Ryan is a food writer, essayist, aspiring novelist, and award-winning playwright. He is currently building a homestead with his wife and three children in the foothills of southwestern New Hampshire.


Ryan holds a bachelor's degree in communication with a concentration in journalism from Westfield State University. Nestled deep in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, the college's location presented ample opportunities to amble and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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