Camp In Comfort At These Luxurious Glamping Spots Across The US

In most cases, everyone knows what camping is in most cases: going out into the wilderness or a campground and paring down to the bare essentials of survival. You have shelter and food. That's about it. But what about those folks looking for something more? Something with more creature comforts that still allows access to nature? Enter glamping.


As the name implies, glamping is camping but with a more glorious aesthetic. It is aimed primarily at people who want to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing features such as Wi-Fi, indoor plumbing, mattresses, and heat. While glamping does provide these simple luxuries, certain sites go above and beyond by showing just how amazing the setup can be.

To show you what we mean by this, we've rounded up 13 of the most luxurious glamping spots across the United States. We're heading from west to east, first enjoying the Northern Lights in your personal igloo in Alaska and ending in an upscale tent on the coast of Maine. Forget everything you think you know about camping; this is glamping.


Borealis Basecamp - Fairbanks, Alaska

Despite its status as the second most populous city in Alaska, a view from any street in Fairbanks will inform you that nature is close at hand. Snow-capped mountains and endless forest surround the city, and tucked into a nook along the northern reaches, you'll find Borealis Basecamp. On Himalaya Road, just off the Elliot Highway (Route 2), you'll discover a series of 20 odd-looking domes with front porches and deck chairs: Borealis Basecamp's popular igloos.


The igloos consist of panels of insulated fiberglass instead of snow, with the panels bolted together to form an outer dome that stretches 16 feet across. The inside is anything but primitive. Tastefully inspired by Scandinavian design, amenities include full bathrooms, a sink and coffee pot, and a proper bed with luxury linens. Owing to electricity coming at a premium in this rural area, the igloos do not have kitchens, but guests can enjoy the onsite restaurant.

The real party pieces, however, are the igloo's ceilings. Twelve feet high and composed of a crystal-clear material, these glorified windows provide guests with unprecedented access to the night sky and the ability to view one of Fairbanks' most iconic natural wonders: the Aurora Borealis. The camp aims to present guests with the ability to experience the Alaskan wilds without sacrificing comfort and convenience.


The Resort at Paws Up - Greenough, Montana

No glamping destination list would be complete without one of the most renowned of all glamping locations, The Resort at Paws Up. Nestled in an enormous working ranch on Paws Up Road, this resort in Greenough, Montana, is the type of place everyone imagines when they think of the glorious western wilderness. With luxury camps placed on mountainsides and along the banks of the famous Blackfoot River, as well as activities including fly fishing, mountain biking, sporting clays, and horseback riding, Paws Up is the very definition of a glamping getaway.


Guests will find more than just opulent tents on the ranch. It offers several cabins — and an extremely luxurious Tree Haus (complete with fireplace, armchairs, and a spiral staircase) — that boast WiFi access, king-sized beds, full bathrooms, air conditioning and heat, and private decks that allow you to soak in the view.

Thanks to several tents/cabins per campsite, Paws Up is perfect for families or friend groups. Larger groups can even rent out the whole camp. Pet-friendly policies mean you can bring the dogs along, too. This is one location that really puts the "glamp" in glamping.

Dunton River Camp - Dolores, Colorado

Second only to Montana in terms of iconic western mountain scenery, the state of Colorado is no stranger when it comes to those looking to experience the great outdoors in comfort. With iconic mountain towns like Aspen and Telluride, there is no shortage of luxurious ways to experience the state's abundant nature. However, glamping at Dunton River Camp in the southwestern Colorado town of Dolores is just as grand as any ski chalet.


Set on 500 gorgeous acres of a former cattle ranch on Road 38 on the northern outskirts of Dolores, Dunton River Camp is a premium destination with only eight individual tents. Constructed in the safari style – white canvas and thick, wooden beams – guests can expect a soaker tub, instant hot water, wood floors, double vanities, a gas stove, and a bed with top-quality linens. Each tent also comes equipped with an outdoor deck that looks over the serene meadows of the ranch and two complementary mountain bikes for exploring the property.

The stay includes meals with ingredients sourced from local growers, as well as made-to-order cocktails. Access to the nearby Dolores River is a fly fisher's dream. Other experiences include horseback riding, rock climbing, and rafting.


Mendocino Grove - Mendocino California

Heading north on Route 1 from San Francisco, drivers can expect to see some of the most dramatic and beautiful coastlines in the United States. Mendocino County is no exception, boasting restaurants, breweries, and gift shops, all within view of the surrounding coast. Just south of town, right off the highway, waits Mendocino Grove, a beautiful camping ground that could put the B&Bs in town to shame.


With a winning combination of woods, ocean, and plenty of wonderfully luxurious tents, Mendocino Grove is the epitome of camping luxury and class. With six individual neighborhoods of eight to 10 tents each, this site is more accommodating of several guests than more exclusive locations like Dunton River Camp. The tents, however, are no less luxurious. Comfortable beds dressed with wool blankets and down comforters provide cozy quarters. Each tent also comes with its own wooden deck and chairs.

Every neighborhood features a common area complete with picnic tables, grills, a complimentary breakfast bar, and a fire ring. 24-hour complimentary tea, Wi-Fi, and neighborhood hammocks encourage a sense of community in the campgrounds. You're very likely to make a few friends during your stay.


ULUM Moab - Moab, Utah

Though many know Moab, Utah, as a place where off-roaders flock to show off their skills and capabilities, the surrounding desert wilderness has a less petrol-fueled side. In fact, ULUM Moab, part of the ULUM luxury hotel brand, is a perfect example of this more serene aspect of the American Southwest. Located on Looking Glass Road in the town of La Sal, Utah, ULUM Moab is a stone's throw from Looking Glass Arch, an amazing natural sandstone structure, and the gateway to Canyonlands National Park.


The campground is designed with community in mind. ULUM Moab has a large stone common area set with several fire pits, comfortable outdoor furniture, live music, and regionally-inspired dining. However, the tents are the stars of the show. With private decks, rainfall showers, wood floors, electricity, coffee/tea, wood-burning stoves, and parachute linens for maximum comfort, there is nothing basic about these tents. And thanks to their location in the heart of the south Utah desert, stargazing is at its absolute best at this fantastic glamping site.

El Cosmico - Mafra, Texas

If you want a more quirky glamping experience, El Cosmico in the heart of the Texan desert is the place to visit. Located near the westerly town of Marfa, the desert surroundings provide El Cosmico with a bit of a ghost town vibe. It uses this to its advantage, placing its unique array of shelters next to desert scrub pines and cacti. You really feel as though you've stumbled upon some bohemian desert community.


The accommodations at El Cosmico lend to the overall quirky nomadic atmosphere. A combination of safari tents, tepees, yurts, and trailers litter the campground. All contain full bed sets and chairs, but some also come equipped with indoor bathrooms, outdoor showers, and air conditioning. One building, the Cosmic Kasita, is a mirror-lined building with a full suite of amenities, including a kitchenette. A common area near the lobby includes shared bathhouses for those staying in accommodations without indoor plumbing, as well as fire pits, a provision store, hammocks, and wood-fired hot tubs. Also, due to its location in West Texas, the starry night skies make the experience all the more cosmic.


Little Raccoon Key - Jekyll Island, Georgia

If you've ever desired to have an island all to yourself for a week, you'll definitely want to check out Little Raccoon Key off the coast of Georgia. This private island is nestled into a small cove off Jekyll Island, perfectly protected from the raging Atlantic on the other side. Romantic and ideal for honeymooning or vacationing couples, Little Raccoon Key is a glamorous experience never to be forgotten.


Affixed with a single luxury tent, complete with a memory foam mattress, wood-burning stove, coffee/tea, and plenty of board games, Little Raccoon Key creates a cozy oasis. Outside, you'll find hammocks for snoozing, Adirondack chairs for relaxing, a grill for cooking up food, and an outdoor shower for bathing away the sand you're likely to accumulate.

Part of the Little Raccoon Key experience is the fishing charter and history tour it offers. Spend time with a boat captain and guide to find the best secret fishing spots and learn some of the amazing stories of the area to boot. It's a fun activity that will make your experience feel all the more personally catered.

Westgate River Ranch - Lake Wales, Florida

One of the last things you'd expect to find in Florida is a series of glamping cabins built to resemble pioneer wagons. However, at Westgate River Ranch in Lake Wales, that is exactly what you'll find. Located smack in the middle of central Florida, Westgate River Ranch looks like a classic western saloon town, only much nicer and with available Wi-Fi. All cabins come equipped with a front porch, propane grills, and air conditioning, while the most luxurious offer walk-in showers and upgraded bedding.


Besides the pioneer wagons, other accommodations include luxury teepees, safari tents, lodge suite, and a one-bedroom cottage. Standard tent camping and RV hookups are also available, but we're really in it for the glamping. Who wouldn't want morning coffee hand delivered to their door via courier? You would, if you stayed here. 

Westgate River Ranch is also an awesome location for families. Activities include a Cowboy Adventure Park, Saturday night rodeos, swamp buggy rides, horseback riding, fishing, mini golf, and a large petting zoo. A steakhouse and outdoor barbecue are also part of the stay in this fantastic, catered "glampground."

Asheville Glamping - Asheville, North Carolina

High in the hills of western North Carolina sits the city of Asheville, which has always prided itself on being a little weird. Naturally, this personality extends to Asheville Glamping as well. Located in the mountains just outside the city, Asheville Glamping has accommodations for everyone, from the honeymooning couple to a large family of eight.


While plenty of tents boast grills and fire pits, Asheville Glamping has really made a name for itself through its multiple, intricate, geodesic domes. Equipped with queen beds, private hot tubs, air conditioning, an indoor kitchenette with a coffee maker, an outdoor grill, and a loft with a stairway and tube slide, you're bound to enjoy yourself while staying at Asheville Glamping. Like the Igloos at Borealis Basecamp, the geodesic domes have the ability to provide virtually unimpeded views of the surrounding nature. The Blue Ridge Mountains feature everywhere in Asheville and make for absolutely stunning scenery any time of year.

Firelight Camps - Ithaca, NY

A charming college town on the shores of Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, New York, is one of the jewels of the upstate Finger Lakes district. Surrounded by vineyards, gorges, and other stunning natural scenery, you can expect gorgeous camping around Ithaca. Located southwards out of town on Danby Road, Firelight Camps offers an elevated camping experience.


Prioritizing the need to unplug and reconnect with nature and friends, Firelight Camps does not provide Wi-Fi other than in the main lobby. However, this doesn't mean that it has bare-bones accommodations. Far from it, the luxury safari tents have hardwood floors, a deck, chairs, a writing desk, and fully furnished beds. Electric heaters, fans, and portable camping lamps are also available.

Bathhouses with hot water are only a few minutes walk from the tents, and the lobby comes equipped with a phone charging station, bocce court, communal fire pit, and water dispenser. Access to the nearby Buttermilk Falls makes campers remember why the Finger Lakes are so special to begin with.

Huttopia White Mountains - Conway, New Hampshire

Heading into New England for the final leg of our east-west glamping journey, we come to the town of Conway, New Hampshire. Long a tourist hub, this charming village is the gateway for many to the iconic White Mountains and the presidential range. The area offers a wealth of outdoor activities to take part in, from hiking and fishing to paddling and swimming. And for those looking to enjoy some glamping, there's Huttopia.


The parent company originated in France, with multiple locations in the American northeast. Huttopia White Mountains frequently ranks among the best for its commitment to quality stays and activities. The huts have amenities like wood-burning stoves, indoor plumbing, and fully furnished bedding, making for cozy shelters on cold New Hampshire nights.

Nothing has been spared when it comes to the rustic luxury of this location. An antique Airstream trailer has been renovated and converted into a commercial kitchen equipped with a wood-fired pizza oven. Huttopia White Mountains has a heated saltwater pool, and its access to nearby Iona Lake makes the potential for water sports and fishing a breeze.


Sandy Pines Campground - Kennebunkport, Maine

There is something about the Maine coast. From the sandier shores in the south to the jagged rocky lines of the north, the enchantment of this iconic New England coastline has drawn people from all over the country and, indeed, the world. So, it is only natural that it would make for the perfect setting for our last two glamping locations. We'll start with Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport.


The vacation destination of two presidents, Kennebunkport is one of the most touristy towns on the southern Maine coast. To entice visitors, Sandy Pines offers whimsical luxury that is second to none. A set of Whimsical Retreats with decor inspired by the films of Wes Anderson number among the most popular accommodations on the site. Complete with full kitchens, bathrooms, queen-size beds, indoor temperature control, and a communal fire pit, what's not to love?

Other shelters include luxury safari tents, pioneer wagons, glass houses, cottages, and hideaway huts, all with similar amenities. Featuring a heated swimming pool, general store, kayak and paddle board rental, and access to the Kennebunkport marshes and charming downtown, this Maine destination deserves a spot on your bucket list of places to travel.


Terramor Outdoor Resort - Bar Harbor, Maine

The eastern terminus of our trip comes to Bar Harbor, Maine. Home of Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor has long been a hotspot for outdoor lovers and tourists alike. Terramor Outdoor Retreat combines the luxury often desired by tourists with the passion of the outdoor lovers, creating a unique glamping experience. Part of the KOA Campground family, Terramor was its first foray into glamping, and it pulled out all the stops in this regard.


The tents at Terramor are wired with electricity and Wi-Fi, and come complete with full bathrooms, furnished beds, noise machines, linens, portable heaters, and wine glasses. Other amenities include hot tubs, evening entertainment, and an on-site restaurant and bar that serves made-to-order cocktails and beers from local Maine breweries.

As far as cost, none of the campgrounds on this list are going to be cheap. However, if you're looking for something a little extra that gives you access to nature without sacrificing creature comforts, then you are guaranteed to have an amazing time at any of these locations. Glamping may not be for everyone, but few can deny the benefit of a weekend away in comfort.