Nina Phillips

Photo of Nina Phillips
Colorado State University
RV Life, Road Trips, Wildlife And Nature
  • Nina spent much of her younger life traveling around the United States.
  • Most of her travels were spent in a van or RV; in 2019, she bought one of her own.
  • Sustainability and wildlife have always been her passions, and she loves finding ways to share what she's learned with others.


After spending the first 10 years of her life in Florida, Nina and her family took the scenic route to Colorado. During her travels, she fell in love with camping and wildlife and made it the focus of her studies. After college, she worked at campsites and parks and wrote about animals. When not working and sharing her love of wildlife, Nina enjoys spending time with her dogs, gardening, and writing stories in her spare time.


Nina went to college at Colorado State University where she earned a degree in fish, wildlife, and conservation biology. Deciding that wasn't enough education for her, she also minored in global environmental sustainability.

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