4 Ikea Essentials To Make Camping In The Great Outdoors Even Easier

Camping in the great outdoors is meant to be relaxing, but that unfortunately isn't always the case. Sometimes, it ends up being more stressful than you thought as you struggle to figure out how to make space for everything you need and confirm it all fits in your camper before you head out. 


As user casscamping on TikTok reveals, there are ways to save space while still keeping the essentials on hand, and it might be just as simple as running to Ikea before your next camping trip. She travels in a small RV herself, and knows the struggles that come with trying to fit everything you need in a tiny space. The items she lists are products from Ikea she's tried out herself and found to work best. In addition to providing helpful camping equipment so you can save space, TikTok is full of all sorts of outdoor hacks like how to keep mosquitos away from your campsite, tried and tested by outdoor enthusiasts. 

The items below are useful to make camping in an RV easier. However, most of them are also ideal for those staying in tents, or even in the back of your vehicle. Give them a try and see if they make your next trip easier. 


A small trash can will save you space

No matter how you're camping, having a way to store your trash is a must-have. For campers, you probably want more than just a loose bag. Trash cans are nice for containing smells, and catching any potential leaks. Unfortunately, they can also take up a lot of space, especially when your camper is already stuffed. A full-sized can is out of the question most of the time.


Other trash cans can be a bit of a problem as well, either not having a lid, or not fitting into the space you want due to their height or boxy shape. Thankfully, Ikea has a solution. They have a bathroom trash can, Brogrund, in their store, that holds one gallon of garbage. It has a touch top to make it easy to open. The lid is pretty small and doesn't need much space, so you don't have to consider swing room for the lid when trying to fit it somewhere. The container is so small that you can fit it into most crevices or even mount it to a wall. 

While this trash can is primarily ideal for those staying in a small camper, the Ikea find also works in your car so you have a place to store garbage to keep your vehicle clean.


A hanging storage box keeps your loose trinkets safe

When you don't have enough storage space, a little trinket box can help you get extra room. These boxes are called Sunnersta at Ikea. You can either buy a single one, or they have options for hanging racks with multiple boxes and hooks for additional storage. 


They are helpful because you can use them in several ways. They work in kitchens and bathroom areas of your camper exceptionally well, giving you a place to store small utensils, knives, scissors, makeup, toothbrushes, and so much more. They may even be a place to put random screws, tools, and pencils if you don't want to waste storage space on those smaller items. Put them by the door for emergency flashlights for when you need to run out quickly to go to the bathroom in the wilderness

Because the trinket boxes have little hangers, they also work well in tents or cars. If you have small items that you're worried about losing, a hanging basket can be a big help. 

This dish-drying mat can be tucked away when not in use

Dishes are a huge part of life, but are also something easy to overlook when camping. It's easy enough to bring some soap to wash dishes, but when it comes to drying them, it gets a little more complicated. Toweling your plates and silverware dry isn't the cleanest option, especially since you can't wash your towels often. Drying racks are another option, but they're not always ideal, as they take up a lot of space, especially when not in use. 


A dish drying mat is a great middle ground. You can set your dishes upon the mat to dry. Then, let it air out a bit before folding it up and sticking it out of the way. The ones at Ikea, called Nysköljd, are thick enough to absorb all the water, but fold up and squeeze into small spaces until you need them again. 

Again, this is a good constant to have around your camper, but it also works as a lightweight option if you're staying in a tent. Even if you're hiking to a camping spot, it doesn't take up much space in a backpack, and it lets you have a safe area to dry your campfire cooking essentials you brought along on your trip. 

The flexibility of these thin cutting boards will come in handy

Last on this list are cutting boards. They're not easy to go without, especially if you're planning on making food from scratch. As with many other necessary kitchen items, cutting boards take up a lot of space. Though they're flat, most of them are big and rectangular.


Thankfully, there are some great solutions. Ikea has flexible chopping boards, called Finfördela. They're tough enough to protect underlying surfaces while still being thin enough to not take up space. These cutting boards are also lightweight. 

However, their flexibility is what really makes them ideal. They can't fully bend in half, but they can flex and twist enough to fit in a backpack or a cabinet that's a bit too short. Their flexibility also comes with another bonus. After you cut up your food, you can pick up the cutting board and fold it a little in the middle so ingredients slide right down the board and into your cooking pot without spilling.