The Nastiest Things Bear Grylls Has Ever Eaten In The Wild

Bear Grylls is a well-known survival expert and adventurer, known best for his seven seasons on "Man vs. Wild." While "Survivorman" Les Stroud has problems with Bear Grylls due to his lack of actual survival scenarios, there's no denying that he offers some useful survival tips, and does some pretty extreme and entertaining things on his shows.


"Man vs. Wild" was a wildly popular series. Not only did Grylls have a unique and enjoyable personality, but the series was full of heart-racing moments, such as the most terrifying moment of Bear Grylls' entire career, and some decent tips that have actually ended up saving people in dangerous situations.

The series also had several gross moments, mostly centered around what Bear Grylls has eaten before. Some are nasty enough to be memorable years later. During an interview with Yahoo! Singapore, Bear Grylls commented on his food choices. "There's been a long list of pretty disgusting foods over the years and if I've learned anything, it's survival food is never pretty and is rarely gonna taste good." 


Bear Grylls' memorable meals

Bear Grylls hasn't hesitated when it comes to eating anything during his time in the wild. While his survival stories may not be as serious as they appear in the show, with him spending time in hotels between filming, he doesn't hesitate trying out disgusting foods to ensure his viewers know some of the best ways to survive. 


When asked what he considered to be some of the nastiest and most memorable foods during his interview with Yahoo, he mentioned several that fans agreed with. "Some of the worst? There's been a long list from raw goat's testicles to camel intestinal fluids to rat brain to yak eyeballs to snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, maggots, grubs, and worms — you name it."

There was also a time when he ate a fish that made many viewer's stomach's squirm. Normally, there's nothing particularly gross about eating a fish. However, in one particularly cold area, Bear Grylls decided it would be too hard to make a campfire, so he ended up eating a fresh fish, causing its organs to explode out of the side.

Bodily fluids and excrement

It's not just nasty foods Bear Grylls has taken in. He's well-known for drinking his own urine while filming, straining it through a snakeskin. In another rather disgusting survival tip, Bear Grylls found elephant waste and strained it to get access to some water. On that note, Grylls has even been known to pick undigested bits of food from bear feces, something he says you should only do in desperate situations and only if you can ensure cleaning off the fecal matter so you don't ingest dangerous bacteria. He has also drank the blood of animals on several occasions, including yak and reindeer.


There's no denying that Grylls has made some questionable survival decisions, and has done many things that would make the average person queasy. While most of the skills he shares only need to be used during the most extreme situations, they provide entertainment for anyone watching him on TV.

Bear Grylls was fired from "Man vs. Wild" but he still enjoys sharing his survival tups during events or on smaller platforms. However, whether he'll manage to find things even more disturbing than the ones he's tried before remains to be seen.