Why Kate Bassich Left Life Below Zero

Kate Bassich (who now goes by Kate Rorke) was a star on "Life Below Zero," the same show that had the Kavik River Camp that you can go visit and that focused on the difficulties of Alaskan life in the bitter cold, such as people dealing with treating frostbite in the wilderness. She was on the show for two years alongside her husband at the time, Andy Bassich. In 2016, Andy and Kate divorced. Kate left the show after her final episode, "Out of Control," and was never seen again. At first, her leaving was thought to be simply due to the divorce, but according to an interview she had with Daily Two Cents, Kate admitted that wasn't the case. After the divorce, Kate stated that Andy abused her in various ways. Throughout the years since she left the show, Kate has also posted to her Facebook about her being a survivor and working through PTSD.


For those who watched the show, the divorce didn't come as much of a surprise. Andy spent a lot of time in front of the cameras yelling at her when something went wrong, even if it wasn't her fault. It was too easy to imagine how much more was going on behind the scenes for some fans, especially those who suffered in similar relationships.

Their relationship was always a little rocky. In the same interview, Kate revealed that she stayed in the relationship despite the abuse, hoping that things would get better. When the situation grew worse, she decided that was enough and filed for divorce.

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Where is Kate Rorke-Bassich now?

Since her divorce, Kate Rorke-Bassich has been enjoying her life. She moved to Newfoundland, Canada, and got to see her family and friends that she hadn't seen in a long time. Though she still lives in the north where temperatures can get cold, she vacations in the Caribbean and other warm places on occasion. While likely much nicer than Alaska, tropical and warm regions have their own problems. For example, there are some animals you need to be careful to avoid when swimming in Hawaii.


She is currently facing health problems, specifically thyroid cancer and hemochromatosis. For a while, she was angry and scared, especially during COVID-19. However, she's worked hard to ensure her past doesn't ruin her future and tries to remain positive.

Some fans are hoping she would return to the show, or move back to Alaska. She has never outright denied that would happen, but it does seem pretty likely with her negative experiences and her current health problems.