Vaani Sai

Photo of Vaani Sai
Toronto, Canada
Western University, Simon Fraser University
Solo Female Travel, Minimalist Backpacking, Summit Hiking
  • As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Vaani has explored remote corners of the world, from fiery volcanoes in Guatemala to breathtaking waterfalls in the Philippines.
  • Over the last five years, she has summitted 15 mountain peaks across South America and Southeast Asia, inspiring a profound appreciation for the natural world and sustainable outdoor recreation practices.
  • Vaani hopes her stories will inspire other women of color to embrace adventure outdoors.


Vaani was catapulted into a web writing career after she went viral for a hit tweet on the effects of positive psychology in her life. Realizing she possessed potentially valuable insights, she has since decided to publish her research and reflections for others to read. Vaani's writing has appeared in publications including Reclamation Magazine, Women's Republic Magazine, Sad Girls Club Literary Blog and Women. Her mission is to foster understanding and compassion for the ways in which intersecting identity markers influence the outdoor experiences of women worldwide. By shedding light on the intersection of identity and outdoor recreation, she seeks to create a more inclusive and equitable community where everyone can find their place in nature.


Vaani Sai has an honors bachelor's degree in neuroscience from Western University and is pursuing a post-graduate certificate in editing from Simon Fraser University.

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