The Survivor Season 45 Contestant Who Broke The Record Of The Earliest Quitter

It's no secret that CBS's hit series "Survivor" puts its contestants through plenty of tough situations, from having to compete against each other with little food (here's why contestants on "Survivor" get less food than before) to withstanding the conditions of difficult and remote environments. No matter how prepared a contestant is to compete on "Survivor," there's always the possibility that the mental and physical difficulties of the show turn out to be too much. This is why "Survivor" is no stranger to having its contestants quit the show. However, the record for the person who gave up after the least amount of time is now held by Season 45 contestant Hannah Rose, who quit "Survivor" at her first tribal council after only three days on the island.


Although technically the first person to be voted out of Season 45 of "Survivor," many people — including the show's host and producer Jeff Probst — consider Rose to have quit the show. The reason for this is because at tribal council, despite her team leaning toward voting out another member, Rose convinced them to vote for her by implying that she would leave anyway if they didn't. Not wanting to be a man down, her tribe had basically no choice but to vote to remove her from the show.

Why Hannah Rose decided to go home early

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly after Episode 1 of "Survivor" Season 45 aired, Hannah Rose shared that her reasons for quitting included extreme hunger and sleep deprivation, mentioning she just "couldn't function" and "was waiting for that adrenaline and competitiveness to kick in" but it never did. Rose also explained this made her feel bad because everyone else really wanted to be there and she didn't "want to take away [another] person's dream."


However, on top of hunger and lack of sleep, there may have been another issue that caused Rose to struggle on "Survivor." The main theory posed by Redditors on the after-the-show discussion thread was that she left due to a nicotine addiction and having to struggle through withdrawals while on the show. When asked by Parade about how much nicotine affected her decision to leave Season 45 of "Survivor," Rose admitted that nicotine withdrawal may have played a role by causing "emotional ups and downs" but that it was also a combination of many factors.