The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Thrive In The Outdoors

Zodiac signs, although not necessarily a scientific study, can be tons of fun and can help us more deeply explore our own personalities and make sense of who we are and why we act the way we do. If you are someone who loves spending time outdoors and just being in nature, then you may have wondered if your zodiac sign has contributed to this outdoorsiness in any way. And the answer is — maybe! While we can describe being drawn to nature as a human quality, there are some zodiac signs that may be more likely to thrive in the outdoors than others. 


It is also worth noting that you should consider both your sun sign (the zodiac the sun was in on your birthday) and your moon sign (where the moon was on the specific date and time of your birth). The reason this is important is that, as put by the professional astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji in an interview with Indian Express, the "Sun is the aspect which will charge you, while the moon is the one that calms you down." So, people with moon signs that gravitate to the outdoors will likely lead lives that are just as outdoorsy as those with nature-loving sun signs.

Sagittarius the explorer and adventurer

Sagittarians (born between November 22 and December 21) are one of the most curious adventure seekers in the zodiac. They enjoy the search for knowledge and the exploration of new places and may get restless if they are forced to stay in the same place or do the same thing for too long. This is why going out into nature and changing up the daily routine is important for Sagittarians and why they are naturally drawn to outdoor adventures. You are just as likely to find them whitewater rafting as you are to see them exploring different landscapes through hiking or camping.


Sagittarians love new challenges and are likely to be less excited about going to a place they've already been than they are when presented with a new experience and situation. So, if you or a friend is a Sagittarius, make sure to keep things interesting by visiting new natural places or by experiencing the same outdoor area in a new way. If you've already hiked through a specific national park, try kayaking or rock climbing in the same area next. For Sagittarians, it's all about new adventures and uncharted territories.

Taurus the outdoor meditator

Taureans (born between April 20 and May 20) are known best for their stubborn and loyal nature. However, these bulls feel most at home when surrounded by serene beauty which is one of the reasons they are drawn to the outdoors. As an Earth sign, Taureans are also drawn to nature by the need to feel grounded. However, the nature they enjoy doesn't necessarily have to be new or interesting — Taureans will be just as happy spending time in the same forest or garden as they always do. They may be even happier to repeat experiences they know they enjoy because, for Taurus, the key to a sense of inner peace is regularity and consistency.


As opposed to Sagittarians and their need for thrill-seeking and outdoor adventures, the way Taureans enjoy nature is more slow-paced and meditative. For Taureans, enjoying the outdoors can be as simple as sitting at the top of a canyon and taking in the view, floating on a raft in the water, or a slow stroll through a park while listening to the sounds of the natural world around them.

Aquarius the inspiration chaser

One of the most important aspects of Aquarians (born between January 20 and February 18) is their innovative and creative nature. Aquarians, as an air sign, are big thinkers and are often found lost in their own thoughts. Because of this, what draws Aquarius to the outdoors is similar to Taurus in that they want to have a meditative experience and clear their minds. However, for Aquarians, the reason behind the desire to clear their minds is that they want to get rid of the old ways of thinking and make way for new inspiration and ideas. They find nature inspiring and gravitate towards long scenic adventures.


Aquarians are also known for being slightly unconventional and tend to follow the beat of their own drum. Because of this, they enjoy exploring off-the-beaten-path locations and uncharted territories. They may even be the type to enjoy extended solo camping and hiking trips where they can experience being alone with their thoughts while surrounded by the outdoors. Aquarians are also drawn toward the scientific study of nature and many famous scientists from Charles Darwin to Galileo Galilei were members of this zodiac.

Cancer the natural nurturer

What stands out most about Cancers (born June 21 to July 22) is their highly intuitive and caregiving nature. This allows them to connect deeply with the outdoors and even sense the energies and rhythms of the natural world around them. As the caregivers of the family or friend group, Cancers will often enjoy sharing the experience of spending time in nature with others whom they care for deeply.


As a water sign, Cancers gravitate toward spending time by the seaside or other bodies of water and may enjoy activities like kayaking or boating. Cancers, just like the crab that acts as their symbol, value protection and safety and tend not to be drawn to dangerous activities or difficult solo expeditions.

While Cancers enjoy being in and surrounded by nature, they get even more enjoyment out of taking up a nurturing role with the outdoors. This may manifest as passionate environmentalism, growing and tending to plants, or even raising and caring for animals.

Libra the balance seeker

Libras (born from September 23 to October 22) are most famous for seeking balance and equilibrium, as symbolized by the scales of this zodiac sign. While Libras are quite well-known for being socialites who find it easy to make friends, their need for balance often causes them to draw away from urban centers and society to spend time relaxing in the quiet beauty of the outdoors. Libras strive to live in harmony with their surroundings — and what better example of harmony is there than nature itself? Because of this, Libras can experience profound calmness and relaxation while surrounded by nature and may seek it out often.


Libras are also drawn to beautiful things and enjoy being surrounded by anything aesthetically pleasing. This is why you may have a Libra friend or family member who loves heading to scenic resorts or hiking trails that end in a waterfall or viewpoint. Libras may also enjoy exploring gardens, valleys full of flowers, or locations that contain unique and beautiful wildlife because experiencing the pure uninhibited beauty of their surroundings is what helps Libras find inspiration and purpose.