What Color Tent Is Best For Camping?

When purchasing a tent, it is easy to be overwhelmed by not only all the brands available nowadays, but also by all the different colors. While it may be tempting to buy a tent in your favorite color, it's a good idea to first consider how the different colored tents will affect your camping trip because, as it turns out, tent color does matter. That's not to say that any tent color is better than another, but that each one has different benefits and situations where it will perform best.


So, how can you figure out which tent color is best for your camping trip? It depends entirely on where you are going, what you want out of the experience, and what the weather will be like. For example, if you plan to camp mostly in cooler climates, it is better to purchase a tent that is a darker color because it will better absorb sunlight and keep your tent warmer. On the other hand, if you are planning to camp in the middle of summer in a warm region, you should go for a tent that is a light color because it is more likely to keep you cool and comfortable by reflecting sunlight.

Why you might want a bright tent

There are many reasons you might want a light-colored or bright tent besides keeping you cool in the heat, and the main one is safety. If you plan on camping in an area that is known to have dangerous animals or weather conditions, having an easy-to-spot neon tent is a great way to make sure you are found quickly if rescue is ever required. It is also important to have a bright tent in areas where hunting is allowed to make sure it is clear to everyone that any movement at your campsite is human-related.


You may have noticed that many tents on mountaineering expeditions are bright yellow. This is because bright yellow is not only easy to spot but it can also help with mood, which is especially important when camping in tough conditions that require spending a lot of time inside the tent. According to Wilderness Redefined, the best tent colors for mood include yellow, orange, red, white, and bright blue.

Reasons for buying a darker tent

Just like there are many situations where lighter tents are preferred, there are also plenty of times when darker tents are the better option. The main reason for getting a darker tent is if you plan on not spending time inside the tent during the day and only returning to your tent at night. In this case, a darker tent is better because it helps aid sleep by blocking out the morning light and keeping the tent darker for longer. This is especially important if you plan on staying up late at night fishing, hanging out around the campfire, or stargazing.


Another reason, as explained by a Redditor on the camping and hiking forum of the website, is to blend in better with your surroundings and not ruin the view for other people. This is especially important in popular camping areas so that other people's views and photos are not spoiled by various brightly colored tents. In the same vein, in some situations (like if you are a solo female camper or in a dangerous area) it may be safer to have a less visible tent and draw less attention to your campsite.