Why Experienced Hikers Often Wear Two Pairs Of Socks

Sometimes, hiking is an incredibly enjoyable experience that clears the mind and invigorates the soul. Other times, sore feet covered in blisters and wrapped in wet sweaty socks can really put a damper on the happy outdoor vibes. While there are many different types of hiking socks that all have different benefits, one method that many experienced hikers have turned to involves wearing two pairs of socks instead of just one. The reason for this is that by wearing two socks on each foot (one made of synthetic fabric and one made of wool), you can get the benefits of both materials in order to help keep your feet dry and pain-free.


While wearing two pairs of socks may seem like a great way to ensure your feet are hot and sweaty while hiking, in reality, the two-sock method can have the opposite effect if done correctly. This works because the inner sock (made from synthetic materials) helps wick moisture away and keep your feet dry, while the outer sock (made from natural fibers like wool) absorbs the moisture and holds onto it — keeping it away from your skin. However, the benefits of the two-sock method don't stop there.

More socks means less pain

Besides having dry feet, another way wearing two socks while hiking can help make the experience better is by preventing blisters. Blisters are often caused by too much friction and can especially happen when wearing new or ill-fitting shoes. The two-sock method causes the friction from walking to take place between the two socks instead of between your feet and the socks, or your feet and the shoes. This means that any rubbing within the shoe won't occur against your skin and, therefore, won't create blisters.


Another way that the two-sock method works to prevent blisters and sore feet is by adding extra padding. The extra padding of the thicker outside sock helps provide cushioning for those longer walks where feet tend to get sore. Interestingly enough, wearing two socks is also common among soccer players to help protect their feet against the kicks and stomps of other players. If we apply this same idea to hiking, this means that if you are walking a particularly rocky trail where you expect to step on sharp uneven stones or scuff your boots up on tough roots, the double sock method can help provide that extra layer of cushion and protection.

Things to consider before starting your two-sock journey

While the two-sock method works perfectly in many situations, it's important to know that it may not necessarily be the best solution for every situation. For example, if you are planning a hike in a hot and humid location, the two-sock method may not be the best idea because it will make your feet feel a lot warmer from the get-go. Plus, at some point, if there is enough sweat in your shoes, simply having two socks won't be able to keep your feet dry. In situations like this, the best answer is to bring multiple pairs of socks and change them out during the hike whenever your feet start feeling uncomfortably wet.


Another important thing to consider before trying out the double-sock method is whether or not two socks will fit comfortably inside your shoes. If your hiking shoes are a little snug, adding an extra layer will likely make your shoes feel too tight and cause extra pain. Even if your feet feel comfortable in two socks at home, that might change on the trail because feet often swell while hiking due to constant pressure and the added weight of extra gear. So, if your hiking boots are on the smaller side, then the two-sock method may not work for you.