17 Jul 2015

Fishing Accessories Galore at ICAST

From tackle boxes to high performance rain suits, tackle manufacturers have pulled out all the stops with an incredible range of new products unveiled this week at the ICAST fishing tackle trade show, held in Orlando, Florida. Plano exhibited a number of new tackle boxes, including a Women’s Series of soft-sided tackle bags and a new M Series that includes a Hydro-Flow hanging bait bag that will appeal to muskie anglers and professional guides Plano

17 Jul 2015

Next Generation Rods and Reels Unspooled at ICAST

One expects to see new technologies introduced at the world’s largest fishing tackle trade show, and manufacturers did not disappoint with numerous new rod and reel introductions at ICAST, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando from July 15 to 17,  2015. Abu Garcia Revo MGX Leading the way from Abu Garcia are the company’s new Revo MGX spinning reels. A new AMGearing system uses finely tuned machined gears cut to exacting tolerances

17 Jul 2015

Cutting-Edge Electronics Revealed at ICAST

Among the hundreds of new products introduced at the 2015 ICAST show, held in Orlando from July 15 to 17 inclusive, few can match the buzz generated by the latest offerings from manufacturers of high-tech electronics. Navico Lowrance HDS-9 Navico generated a huge amount of buzz at the show with the introduction of the new StructureScan 3D sonar modules for its Lowrance and Simrad lines. The remarkable new technology – based on a new module

16 Jul 2015

Hundreds of New Baits Unveiled at ICAST

  Berkley Hardbait Cutter Anglers will face tough choices when shopping for new lures next spring as manufacturers unveil a wide range of new hard and soft baits this week at ICAST, the world’s largest fishing tackle trade show. More than 11,000 people representing manufacturers, buyers, dealers and reps from around the globe are on hand in Orlando to see what’s new for 2016, including hundreds of new lures from manufacturers around the globe. Berkley

13 Jul 2015

Do You Need to Work Your Way Up to Long-Range Ocean Fishing?

Here’s a question I often get: Do I need to work my way up to a longer long range trip? Well, the quick answer is: ABSOLUTELY NOT! I’ve been on two long range trips that fished Clarion Island since December 2011 and both of these trips had fishermen on board who had not "worked their way up". And most of these anglers were good overnight/3 day trip type anglers, and they all fared well on

12 Jul 2015

My Four Favorite Lures for Summer Fun

I love to wade creeks and fish small ponds and lakes. Fishing knee-deep and casting for bass brings back memories of when I was a kid, and it is still one of my very favorite ways to spend a summer day. Light "finesse" tackle is perfect for this kind of fishing. It resembles ultra-light gear, but the length and the action of the rods are different. The traditional ultra-light tends to come with soft action

11 Jul 2015

8 Tips for a Successful Launch and Load

I’ve always found it interesting how some skills in life stay with us no matter how many years of rust we allow to accumulate. Things like riding a bike or driving a manual transmission vehicle, or perhaps water skiing, tying a hook on a line or filleting a fish, are once-used physical or mental practices that come back to us when needed. When I began my work as a game warden, backing up a boat

11 Jul 2015

How to Re-purpose Pheasant Feathers for Fishing

It’s winter in this part of the world and cold air is streaming down from the north, making these January nights the perfect occasion to stay inside and tie up your spring and summer arsenal for whatever lurks in your waters. I am constantly exploring new ways to use the feathers from my favorite upland bird – the ringneck pheasant – and have quite a supply to work with after this autumn’s success. Here are

11 Jul 2015

The 5 Stages of a Hunter

Hunters change through the years, and the factors used to determine “successful hunting” change for each hunter as well. A hunter’s age, role models, and his years of hunting experience all affect his ideas of “success”. In 1975-1980, a group of over 1,000 hunters in Wisconsin were studied, surveyed, and reported on by professors Robert Jackson and Robert Norton of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The results of their studies now form a widely-accepted theory of

11 Jul 2015

10 Awesome Camping Hacks to Simplify Your Next Trip

Ahhhhh, summer — time to leave the daily grind in the dust and go enjoy the great outdoors. Camping can be a ton of fun, but it can also be a lot of work! Want to make your life a little easier? Check out these 10 cool ‘camping hacks’ to make your next camping trip more like a walk in the park: Strap a headlamp around a translucent gallon water jug to create an instant